Importance Of The Training Department In Human Resource

As there are different department in the human resource alone, different department have different functions to perform. Only recruitment of the right employees for the company is not just the task performed by the HR as a whole. In fact, the training and development department also holds quite an important place in the effective management of the employee in the organization. The main function of this department as the name indicates is to provide proper training to the newly recruited employee so that their pre-existing skills are brushed up in accordance with the requirements of the company. In fact, this department alone is responsible for many different types of activities at the same time.

There can be different types of training provided by this department of the human resource. It might be job-specific or it might also be related to nature of development. In fact, everything depends much on the specific requirements of the job. Whatever might be the kind of training that is being offered to the new employees, in any case they are designed to promote the personal qualities of the employee so that it can lead to larger organizational productivity in general. For providing this specific training, the training officers also specially trained by the company.

The needs of the organization and the nature of their job are explained to them. Apart from that, training is also provided by the human resource training department to help the employees cope up with the changes both internal as well as external that it becomes easier for them to manage the entire functions of the organization. Changes to the organization can actually come in many different forms right from the cultural changes to the environmental changes to the institutional changes as well. Therefore the importance of the department in this sense cannot be denied at any cost.

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